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NameSpace (MB)Traffic (MB)Force AdPHPASPCGIMySQLRank
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    '; while($ordersrow=mysql_fetch_array($ordersresult)) {//start while $fl=''; if ($ordersrow[Paid]==TRUE){$fl="";} echo""; if ($ordersrow[Space]==999999999){$tempspace="Unlimited";}else{$tempspace=number_format($ordersrow[Space]);} echo"";//space if ($ordersrow[Bandwidth]==999999999){$tempbw="Unlimited";}else{$tempbw=number_format($ordersrow[Bandwidth]);} echo"";//bandwidth $Sign=FindSign($ordersrow[WebEditor]); echo"$Sign";//ASP $Sign=FindSign($ordersrow[Blog]); echo"$Sign";//Perl $Sign=FindSign($ordersrow[Image_Gallery]); echo"$Sign";//MySQL $Sign=FindSign($ordersrow[ecommerce]); echo"$Sign";//Email $Sign=FindSign($ordersrow[mobileSite]); echo"$Sign";//web editor if ($ordersrow[Paid]<>TRUE){echo"\n";} //Score else{echo'';} echo''; }//end while echo'
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    We're daily finding the stable, reliable and good uptime free hosting website to add to our directory, so if you are webmaster who know where to find the best free hosting websites, please kindly inform us. In case you are an owner then you can add your site. NameSpace(MB)Traffic(MB)PHPASPCGIMySQLEmailAdded Date'; while($ordersrow=mysql_fetch_array($RecentAdd)) {echo""; $fl=''; if ($ordersrow[Paid]==TRUE){$fl="";} echo"
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    $href reviewed by $userlink, IP= $showip, When $showdate : Rated= $wRate

    "); }//end while mysql_free_result($ordersresult); unset($ordersrow); }//end hostlist function $Input="SELECT (SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM review WHERE 1) as Count1, (SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM file_reviews WHERE 1) as Count2, (SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM image_reviews WHERE 1) as Count3"; $result=mysql_query("$Input"); $count=mysql_fetch_array($result); $num=number_format($count[Count1]+$count[Count2]+$count[Count3]); $Input="SELECT ID,byUID,HostName,CommentNo,Name,IP,DateTime,Rating,Comment,Type,runid,Member FROM review UNION SELECT ID,byUID,HostName,CommentNo,Name,IP,DateTime,Rating,Comment,Type,runid,Member FROM file_reviews UNION SELECT ID,byUID,HostName,CommentNo,Name,IP,DateTime,Rating,Comment,Type,runid,Member FROM image_reviews ORDER BY DateTime DESC LIMIT 0,5"; WriteNewReviews($Input); mysql_free_result($result); mysql_close($link);// disconnect database unset($Input); ?>
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