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UHostFull review and user rating.

UHostFull Review, UHostFull is a free web hosting provider was providing free 20,000 MB web space with 200,000 MB traffic. PHP programming supported, UHostFull is also provides POP3 email account, UHostFull's not forced any advertisement to the user pages(Excellent!). Free web hosting uptime statistics report(Beta) is a new feature available for the active web hosting provider in this directory, is provides UHostFull uptime report, if you are seeking for a free reliable web hosting, read this first UHostFull daily, weekly and average uptime report by the best free hosting review guide website. At this moment UHostFull is 99.85% uptime. Highly Recommended!. Anyway If you are a client, please feel free to rate and post your own review.
Hosting Name UHostFull
Forced Advertising
Ad. Type
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
EMail Support
Online Web Editor
Your URL
Domain or Subdomain
Additional Requirement
Rank [?]
User Rating
Added Date
06 May. 2012
Last Update
16 Jan. 2013
UHostFull weekly uptime statistics report [?].
UHostFull average uptime is High Uptime 99.85 %
UHostFull was monitoring since December 31, 2020, 6:59 am.
1st. Mon, 11-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.025 s. response time.
2nd. Tue, 12-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.0255 s. response time.
3rd. Wed, 13-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.0265 s. response time.
4th. Thu, 14-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.0271 s. response time.
5th. Fri, 15-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.025 s. response time.
6th. Sat, 16-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.0238 s. response time.
7th. Sun, 17-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.015 s. response time.

Domains and free subdomains.
PHP/CGI supported.
Addon domains.
FTP access.
File Manager.
24/7 Technical Support .
Auto Installer.
Administration Control Panel
A YouHosting reseller.


Scripts Installer:
Auto Installer application Installer:
b2evolution,WordPress,Simple Machine Forum,MyBB
Joomla,Mambo,phpBB,SMF,OSCommerce,ZenCart, Coppermine,
Free Hosting Rules:
- No Porn sites.
- Proxy Websites are not allowed.
- No Any illegal scripts.
- Not allow any kind of torrent related websites.

User rates

UHostFull 6.4 out of 10 based on 67 ratings. 95 user reviews.

UHostFull user reviews = 95
Average user rating = 6.4 From 67 users.

Some voted user review(s)

Comment# 59, By Karwa, IP 113.203.189.X, When 02 Dec., 2012 : Rated= 10
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Comment# 55, By paullk, IP 94.197.151.X, When 06 Sep., 2012 : Rated= 8
good host, joined recently and have had no problems.
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Comment# 56, By Chen Li, IP 113.203.164.X, When 06 Sep., 2012 : Rated= 10
Same here , join recently seems. Even no banned for my country mostly host does not allow some countries.
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Comment# 62, By Najma Tech, IP 39.48.228.X, When 18 Mar., 2013 : Rated= 10
i do not think that if a host control panel is in cpanel then it is only good, i do not mind whatever is the control panel, but the main thing is performance and speed, and i can see uhostfull performs good. so who cares for control panel. according to me the people who fight for control panels or resellers issue then they are the foolish people in the world of web hosting. remember every host or a free host is always a reseller of a company. whether you hosting or any paid.

Whatever i appreciate this host it is really nice. atleast some1 has a heart to provide free service. not a loser like other rubbish talkers.

Well done Uhostfull.goodgoodgoodgoodgoodthankthankthankthankthankthankthank
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There are 95 UHostFull user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 95, By Ahmad Masoud, IP 77.111.245.X, When 03 Sep., 2018 : Rated= 3
I have been using UHostFull for a few month. They provide free hosting with unlimited web space, unlimited domain and unlimited bandwidth. The downsides are their 30,000 Inodes, which means you can't upload a website with more than 30,000 files. There is no one click SSL but you can install Cloulflare through the CPanel or upload a paid or a free SSL manually. For the emails you have to change the MX record manually. You will have to install WordPress and other platforms manually through the third party website. And off course there is no support for the free plan. The conclusion is; it is a good free hosting for a small websites and you need to have a little technical knowledge.
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Comment# 94, By Nick, IP 31.185.188.X, When 25 Sep., 2017 : Rated= 1
downdowndownfault Been using it for a little while had loads of issues try to register when I did register I created 4 websites all just for test purposes and personal I.e. no reason for them to block or suspend the websites however they have, I have had many issues with uploads when I testing my own test applications which I stayed within the guidelines of the hosting guidelines .. even the site was down for nearly a week so I think UHostfull is not a good provider at all .. I hope had the website up and running for around a week now there asking me to pay a premium ... baddownas you can see I am furious anyway I raised a ticket I been in software design and website design fro over 20 years and this is the only company I have had issues with oh my I am furious!!! u can see I am furious anyway.
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Comment# 93, By stephen brunton, IP 82.22.113.X, When 30 Jan., 2017 : Rated= N/A
hi i have 3 tickets in since last week and none have been answered yet,you sent me an email saying my upgrade hadnt gone through yet paypal payment has been taken can you please sort it out
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Comment# 92, By DS, IP 24.24.200.X, When 28 Dec., 2016 : Rated= N/A
I was logged on and added the domain name freshly purchased from 1&1, when everything seemed to work I couldn't log back in and then when I go to their Lost Password Retrieval System it displays:"The email address / username pair does not match with a valid account.
Please check the email address is the one used when you registered the account
And that the username is your correct username"
Not sure what I can do at this point as I cannot find a way to reach anyone....can anyone help?
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Comment# 91, By Compra Excelente, IP 187.35.205.X, When 11 Apr., 2016 : Rated= N/A
Can't register. Always get an error message and need to create a new user, on and on. It says "something went wrong, please retry registering" or that I changed my IP (which is NOT the case, since I have fixed IP and fiber).bad
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