How we ranked all free web hosting providers in our directory(v2012).

We strive to create a free web hosting providers ranking algorithm for visitors who want to benefit from our free web hosting ranking as much as we can do. We know that users are on the hunt for something like this.Web site offers a good working system is what we want. And that is what we use for ranking since our began.
Free hosting is a good thing. In this free web hosting field we would like to see competition among the free web hosting services. Users will receive a good service and service providers will need to get a good response as well.
In 2012 we want to make changes to our ranking system. Web sites which able to respond to the user registration quickly as well as activation will be benefit from our new ranking. Details of the rankings can be presented as follows.

Free web space.
For a beginner 1GB might enough for general use. Of course the one who can give more should get a higher score.

Bandwidth / traffic.
It's a fairly important one for traffic growth in the future, hosting provider that deliver more maximum bandwidth / traffic to users will benefit greatly.

Domain options.
Of course, most service providers are able to provide domain hosting. But for some users who enjoy the run testing before official publish, they might rather like to have free subdomain as well.

File uploading.
The web-based file manager and FTP access are the most popular features in this session, we recommended to be have both kind of services.

Advertisement on user page.
For sustainability of the free web hosting service, providers may also want to earn from advertising. However, providers who choose to not do forced advertisement one user page should have higher rank.

Programming languages support.
Dynamic website is very popular nowadays. The programming language support is much needed. PHP has become an important primary language. The supported more languages are more useful.

Emailing support.
Free email and more mailing features are very useful to users.

It is extremely important for the modern web sites. It allows a website site run dynamics. Web developers who use the CMS, database for each CMS is needed. Mysql is the most popular free database. Mysql is the most popular free database. Mysql is became the most important database for each web hosting site.

Applications installer.
Application Installer is a very well facilitating tool. Examples of the application installer are such Softaculous, Site Installation etc. It's good for beginners and professionals. Several CMS softwares allow user to create website for free.

System utilities and support.
Most useful system utilities and services is to enhance the capabilities of web hosting. Having following utilities can boost rank.
Control Panel (eg. cPanel, xPanel or any), PHPFlagManager, Disable PHP safe mode, ErrorLog, Website Statistics, Custtom Error Pages Control, 24/7support Live Support, HotLinking Protection, Telnet, Password Protection Folder, .htaccess, IP Blocking Tool, URL Redirecting, WYSIWUG WebEditor and Cron.

Files Hosting.
Hosting variety of file types, and no file size limited will help to reduce the limitations of the user site creation. Hosting with unlimited file type/size will much benefit the users.

- Uptime, stability is important to be considered in this section.
- Upgradable.
- Instant activation is what we focus more this time. Most users are expected to apply their hosting sign up done and ready to used in a few minutes.

- Co-branding and use of reseller hosting is less so.
- Web hosting site who request user to do anything other than signing up such forum posting, forum registering will be lower as well.
- Access deny for some country IP ranges.

- Extra points for a foreign language website.
- A support forum(really support community).
- Domain age and continuity of service will be considered. The user does not want to see their hosting service provider announce their out of business news.
- Partnership.

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