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Free file hosting service provides a file storage service by using bidirectional communication, such as the Internet network to transmit data to the server. Users can upload different sizes and types of documents such as photos, documents, files and information (doc, pdf, xls, zip, audio, video and more). Free file hosting service providers the tools and facilities to download files and upload files in order to share with others. Free file hosting service provider has no policy to charge the user. Typically, service providers are welcome to register users do start work immediately upon completion of registration. Some free file-hosting service providers welcome guests who are not registered for use their free file hosting service with reduce some features. Each providers have different conditions on terms of use, so you should study the term of service before registering.
This page is a free file hosting providers directory that contains a list of reliable file storage service websites.
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Host NameSpace (MB)BW (MB)Max filesDownload delay(s)Time host(day)RegisterMax file size (MB)Rank
500,000 /500,000
U /U
50 /50
2,000 /2,000

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Legend : xxx/xxx = Guest/Register user, U = Unlimited.