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01 Sep. 2012 : Rate : 10 : RocketServe
Yay they are back!!smilesmile

07 May. 2012 : Rate : N/A : Xraxy
First email message:
"Your account is awaiting admin validation! Your account has been successfully created but you need to wait
for an admin to approve your account!"

Second email message:
"Your account has been cancelled! This now means that your client username and password no longer work and your web hosting package no longer exists. All your files, databases, records have been removed and aren't retrievable. Reason for cancellation: Account Declined."

17 Apr. 2012 : Rate : 1 : 0xh
I'm moving this one into my "Probably Dead" category. It's been down for a week (See the "Uptime Report" above).

29 Feb. 2012 : Rate : 1 : Ufo33
(Rating Revised.) My "test" site disappeared without warning six days ago. An email sent to the address listed on the confirmation email has yet to bring a reply.

24 Feb. 2012 : Rate : N/A : RocketServe
(No Rating.) I couldn't get this one to work. The sign-up script ran fine, and the confirmation e-mails arrived promptly. I uploaded a couple of test pages (index.htm, index.html) via FTP, which worked OK, but the test pages never appeared on line. The next day, the FTP was dead. E-mail sent to the address sending the confirmation e-mails just bounces back.