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HostWoot review and user rating.

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Hosting Name HostWoot(Removed)
Forced Advertising
Ad. Type
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
EMail Support
Online Web Editor
Your URL
Domain or Subdomain
Additional Requirement
70 forum posts per month
Rank [?]
User Rating
Added Date
25 Oct. 2009
Last Update
10 Oct. 2010

User rates

HostWoot 8.51 out of 10 based on 85 ratings. 94 user reviews.

HostWoot user reviews = 94
Average user rating = 8.51 From 85 users.
There are 94 HostWoot user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 97, By Allen Warnes, IP 108.7.173.X, When 22 Aug., 2011 : Rated= 3
This web hosting was all right until recently. Before, we had an active admin that did what he could. The admin is never on for 1-2 months now. Comes on for 5-6 days. Then he is off for another month or so. This repeats often.

We cannot access our cpanels for a long time now due to the temporary license. Webmasters know how important it is to be able to check your own domain e-mails along with creating backups so this is bad.

Do not be fooled by the website's up time because the main website,, is hosted on another server. Not the server your web package will be placed. The admin has to activate the package manually when you reach the post count. Nothing wrong with the post for hosting service just the up time isn't what you expect. If you do have a package with hostwoot, expect 4-5 full days of downtime within a month. Terrible support.

The server speed has gone down a lot. It would take me a few seconds some days loading a simple wordpress theme. Now it takes me forever. It could be 5 seconds or during peek hours, around 30 seconds or less. It's really slow compared to paid web hosts.

When questioning the service speed, admin will say check your ping or IP. I tried to load my website at home, work, school and girlfriend's house. All the same load time during the regular hours. All Internet spots are either verizon fios or faster.

Security wise... some complains in the "support" forum by members state they were hacked. The owner privately sends himself an e-mail automatically every time you change your cpanel or reseller password. Along with any setup features. He basically gets a copy of your information with the database name/password. Not cool. Just change it often.

Overall 3/10 for the free (but still got to post) hosting service.
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Comment# 96, By anshul12, IP 14.98.66.X, When 22 Jul., 2011 : Rated= 9
Nice hosting
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Comment# 95, By joe, IP 61.6.1.X, When 08 Jul., 2011 : Rated= 3
Don\'t understand the post requirementfault
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Comment# 93, By Denn, IP 87.220.24.X, When 27 May., 2011 : Rated= 1
tricky thing about posts
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Comment# 92, By usman, IP 116.71.182.X, When 26 May., 2011 : Rated= 5
i like ur hosting thankthank
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