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AgilityHoster review and user rating.

AgilityHoster Review, AgilityHoster is a free web hosting provider was providing free 1,000 MB web space with 5,000 MB traffic. PHP programming supported,CGI/Perl programming supported, AgilityHoster is also provides POP3 email account, AgilityHoster's not forced any advertisement to the user pages(Excellent!). Free web hosting uptime statistics report(Beta) is a new feature available for the active web hosting provider in this directory, is provides AgilityHoster uptime report, if you are seeking for a free reliable web hosting, read this first AgilityHoster daily, weekly and average uptime report by the best free hosting review guide website. At this moment AgilityHoster is 99.92% uptime. Highly Recommended!. Anyway If you are a client, please feel free to rate and post your own review.
Hosting Name AgilityHoster
Forced Advertising
Ad. Type
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
EMail Support
Online Web Editor
Your URL
Domain or Subdomain
Additional Requirement
Rank [?]
User Rating
Added Date
30 Sep. 2008
Last Update
14 Jan. 2012
AgilityHoster weekly uptime statistics report [?].
AgilityHoster average uptime is High Uptime 99.92 %
AgilityHoster was monitoring since December 31, 2020, 6:59 am.
1st. Thu, 02-Dec-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1863 s. response time.
2nd. Fri, 03-Dec-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.2333 s. response time.
3rd. Sat, 04-Dec-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.2128 s. response time.
4th. Sun, 05-Dec-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.262 s. response time.
5th. Mon, 06-Dec-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.2092 s. response time.
6th. Tue, 07-Dec-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.9255 s. response time.
7th. Wed, 08-Dec-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.2787 s. response time.

PHP Supported
FTP access
pop email accounts
aliases emails
Instant Activation
File Manager
Web-based email
FrontPage Extensions


- 2 MB file size limited.
Blocked functions: No allow_url_fopen, fsockopen, pfsockpen, getrusage, get_current_user, set_time_limit, getmyuid, getmypid, dl, leak, listen, chown, chgrp, realpath, link.
Not accepted file types: .htacl, .htaclu, .avi, .mov, .mp2, .mp3, .mpeg, .ram, .asf, .quota, .vbs, .shs, .scr, .exe, .cmd, .torrent, .wmv, .wma, .rm, .zip, .htacl, .htaclu, .avi, .mov, .mp2, .mp3, .mpeg, .ram, .asf, .quota, .vbs, .shs, .scr, .exe, .cmd, .torrent, .wmv, .wma, .rm, .zip .
Free Hosting Rules:
- No unlawful.
- No violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation;
- No viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files.
- No Proxy, Pirated or Hacking / Phreaking Software (Warez).
- No adult sites (content).
- No spamming.
- No storage of log files or non-HTML.

User rates

AgilityHoster 8.86 out of 10 based on 121 ratings. 123 user reviews.

AgilityHoster user reviews = 123
Average user rating = 8.86 From 121 users.

Some voted user review(s)

Comment# 89, By VVS777, IP 85.238.111.X, When 09 Jan., 2009 : Rated= 8
+ Absolutely free hosting with no ads, no hidden javascript stats etc that can injure your php script.
+ This free hosting is very stable, exatly more stable then many others.
+ Is rather good for information portals using external on-line drives or filehostings
- No custom mx records
+ Using with your own domain, you can set free nameserver (use search) and use Google mail in your domain.
- Small file size limit.
- No sockets.
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Comment# 122, By zflljz , IP 124.126.22.X, When 29 Aug., 2012 : Rated= 7
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Comment# 78, By mohammad ehtesham, IP 89.5.166.X, When 31 Dec., 2008 : Rated= 2
the service is not good. u cannot upload any file with size greater than 500kb which means u cannot upload nay video of family get-togethers or of any other special ocassion. u cannot upload any image of a high quality. u cannot do so many things that it is almost uselee to open a site on this provider. an upload file size of 500 kb means that the 5 GB bandwidth they provide and the storage space of 200 mb is utterly useless!!!they have created a service with a limitation on a key aspect with other impressive stats. u cannot fully utilise all of that....go find some other site
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Comment# 82, By steve, IP 76.209.55.X, When 04 Jan., 2009 : Rated= 2
I was using Aagilityhoster, please note they cannot even spell their name correctly here as they are infact agilityhoster not aagilityhoster (probably to hide their horrible reviews). The site worked great when I signed up and it continued to work fine for quite some time. I recently came back to the site to find all of the images broken on the site. I redownloaded the site from their server and all of the images are there. When you click through to see the images, you get their hotlinking protection which is what broke all of the images. I've tried alot of free hosts out there, and agilityhost isn't that great. Keep looking.
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There are 123 AgilityHoster user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 124, By Grahame, IP 210.1.205.X, When 29 Jan., 2015 : Rated= 1
As well as cancelling my account after 1 year, as I would not pay them to upgrade, they also cancelled 2 other website accounts I had used the same e-mail address for. As this gang\'s websites get bad reputations they start new ones. Watch out for,, and,,,,,,,,,,, and others.

You can spot them by the e-mail addresses:, & down
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Comment# 123, By Lucien, IP 82.54.161.X, When 10 Feb., 2014 : Rated= 3
Slow - snail-slow - login page and even slower control panel (weren\'t so last year); they put unnamed folders in you account you cannot touch let alone delete and you have to upload Wordpress manually...nobody in his sane mind would do that! downdowndown
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Comment# 122, By zflljz , IP 124.126.22.X, When 29 Aug., 2012 : Rated= 7
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Comment# 120, By Alex, IP 95.247.62.X, When 29 Jun., 2012 : Rated= 1
I can\\\'t upload php file , isn\\\'t normal <.<
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Comment# 119, By jasonsyr, IP 209.188.18.X, When 06 Apr., 2011 : Rated= 10
Thank for providing free hosting for us. we got that your services is so easy to be used. thanks
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