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50Webs review and user rating.

50Webs Review, 50Webs is a free web hosting provider was providing free 500 MB web space with 5,000 MB traffic. 50Webs is also provides POP3 email account, 50Webs's not forced any advertisement to the user pages(Excellent!). Free web hosting uptime statistics report(Beta) is a new feature available for the active web hosting provider in this directory, is provides 50Webs uptime report, if you are seeking for a free reliable web hosting, read this first 50Webs daily, weekly and average uptime report by the best free hosting review guide website. At this moment 50Webs is 99.69% uptime. Highly Recommended!. Anyway If you are a client, please feel free to rate and post your own review.
Hosting Name 50Webs
Forced Advertising
Ad. Type
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
EMail Support
Online Web Editor
Your URL
Domain or Subdomain
Additional Requirement
Rank [?]
User Rating
Added Date
10 Feb. 2007
Last Update
26 Apr. 2012
50Webs weekly uptime statistics report [?].
50Webs average uptime is High Uptime 99.69 %
50Webs was monitoring since December 31, 2020, 6:59 am.
1st. Mon, 11-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1397 s. response time.
2nd. Tue, 12-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1602 s. response time.
3rd. Wed, 13-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1393 s. response time.
4th. Thu, 14-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1478 s. response time.
5th. Fri, 15-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.14 s. response time.
6th. Sat, 16-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1511 s. response time.
7th. Sun, 17-Oct-2021 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1381 s. response time.

Unlimited Domains
Unlimited WebSites
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 FTP Account
Linux Servers
24/7 Technical Support
No Ads
Instant activation


Control Panel
1 POP3 email account
Web Based File Manager
Unlimited Subdomains
Required active activity every 30 days.
Maximum files size 500 kB.
Mail Box size limit at 30 MB.
Hosting Rules:
- No unlawful contents.
- No infringe on any third party`s intellectual property or proprietary rights, or rights of publicity or privacy.
- No violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.
- No defamatory, trade libelous, threatening, unlawfully harassing, abusive, pornographic or obscene contents.
- No contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files.-
- No contain Pirated or Hacking / Phreaking Software (Warez) or Any software that is copyrighted.
- No create adult sites.
- No pornography, adult content, sex,extreme violence, or foul language.
- No sites contained controlled substances, illegal drugs and drug contraband, alcohol, weapons, pirated materials, pornography.
- No sites for storage of log files or none-HTML.
- No content that contains manga and comics.
- No spamming activities.
Contact :
LiquidNet Ltd.
28 Kersfield House
11 Kersfield Road
Putney, London SW15 3HJ
United Kingdom

User rates

50Webs 1.73 out of 10 based on 33 ratings. 38 user reviews.

50Webs user reviews = 38
Average user rating = 1.73 From 33 users.

Some voted user review(s)

Comment# 31, By, IP 110.49.15.X, When 26 Mar., 2010 : Rated= 4
Whenever they do an upgrade..........they take you offline for days at a time with no explanation.

The never answer e-mails you send them

They are fine if you want a FREE host that may or may not work.
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Comment# 32, By, IP 128.187.0.X, When 15 Apr., 2010 : Rated= 2
Free, nice interface, but things don't work properly and they are always going down. Not long ago, they did an unannounced "upgrade" which took down the interface to upload new material for over a week! The site is always down. They have ftp, but it always times out so it is useless. I'm currently looking for a new host.
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There are 38 50Webs user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 37, By yna, IP 39.48.204.X, When 23 Sep., 2013 : Rated= 1
2 days continous 50 % downtime? do you think we are fool to join u ?downdowndowndown
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Comment# 36, By angry, IP 116.83.67.X, When 23 Mar., 2013 : Rated= N/A

The service level of support is very bad.

Without permission, without any notice, They replace the files with old back up files on server.

It caused trouble for user website.

but they said,\\\"it is not related to a server side problem.\\\"

and no apology , no compensation.
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Comment# 35, By alphalogicdesign, IP 213.233.92.X, When 06 Oct., 2012 : Rated= 2
NO php, NO mysql
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Comment# 34, By anon, IP 31.31.109.X, When 17 Sep., 2011 : Rated= 1
No PHP, 500kb size limit.
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Comment# 33, By, IP 172.190.93.X, When 25 Jun., 2010 : Rated= N/A
badNeeded help, my web site went down. Support( fifty webs free host) gave 2 emails to help, both, did nothing to get my site up. Can't they get the site online for me? It was working fine. help, my web site went down.
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