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07 Sep. 2011 : Rate : 7 : Host-ed
This is one of the more reliable hosting companies out there. You can see a more detailed uptime report on this page:
As you can see they had half a day of downtime in January, and they seem to have an hour of downtime every three months. That is not too bad at all, when compared to some other ones.

The minor problem with them, is that they have started to trim away some PHP functionality over the last couple of months. Also, I think they severely restrict the number of concurrent users to your site. Would not be surprised to find out that they allow only 1 PHP process for my site.
Another thing, is that their web based file upload system is unreliable, so you might as well stick to using FTP.

Overall I still think that this is the best that you will get for free. I have tried a dozen other places, and I learned that uptime and PHP features is what matters the most.

12 May. 2011 : Rate : N/A :
This is a clone of, so your site would be hosted on the same dns server as byethost account, but you get less space and bandwidth.

12 May. 2011 : Rate : N/A : BytePub
This is a reseller of the BYET.ORG free hosting. So it is 99.9% identical to hundreds of other resellers originating from BYET/IFASTNET hosting.
Here are few notabe clones:

Looks like an attack of the clones, or maybe more like an infestation. When you are reviewing one, you are actually reviewing all of them.

PS: Used and

29 Mar. 2011 : Rate : 1 : HostBiga
$3.69 /month is their best offer, and it seems too much for a hosting a basic website. Plus their main site looks phishy. At first I thought I was redirected to Calvin Klein website.

01 Mar. 2011 : Rate : 8 : 0000Free
I will share the good and the bad sides of this host:
+1 This service can actually host your existing domain
+1 Has CGI/PHP/MYSql
+1 Pretty standard Cpanel without any proprietary hosting solutions
+1 No banners and no message board postings required (you only need to register)
It has however some pretty severe downfalls, but these mught not matter for everyone:
-1 Sometimes the most basic html page can take 10 seconds to load, sometimes longer.
-1 Account can be deleted due to low page hits/ inactivity. You never know if you got enough hits.

Overall it is pretty good if you do not care about page loading speed.