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30 Oct. 2013 : Rate : 7 :
is a excellent free hosting although a bit limited but I can not deny that I love the subdomain and for that and other reasons definitely would use this hosting. good

29 Oct. 2013 : Rate : 5 : AwardSpace
I think AwardSpace is a company focused more on payment plans to their free plan which is very limited in comparison to others free hostings today.

even so I think it is good for those who need to create a small site that does not consume a lot of bandwidth monthly.

29 Oct. 2013 : Rate : N/A : Host-ed
host-ed is the best free, complete and stable hosting I\'ve used in my life... I recommend it to all... I have a site over 6 months with zero hits a day and never has removed like other hosting... kiss my ass 000webhost.