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23 Aug. 2015 : Rate : 10 : UHostFull

We always reply all support tickets, I do not know why are you saying that we do not offer support, give me your ticket # i willa check your ticket personally.

21 Jun. 2014 : Rate : N/A : UHostFull
Guys Guys Guys!
Sorry you got errors, and issues, but sorry to disappoint you, it is not a place to ask question or to wait to get any answer, we are already busy in working on free hosting so we do not get time to reply on all host reviewing websites, for this we have a help desk so you can open a ticket and get your issue resolved, by posting here does not resolve your issue and do not even hope to get an answer here.

Note: Always open a support ticket and get your issue resolve before giving any comment or review here or any review website.

13 Jun. 2014 : Rate : N/A : UHostFull
These kinds of error are frequnents in any free hosting environment not only ours, but we always fix them so wait and bear with us or you have a good option go for any paid hosting if u think free hosting are waste of timegood

and currently we do not have any paid hosting.

and always open support ticket before giving your reviews in any website.

Hostinger is our partner reseller due to server dns issues redirection occurs, we hope to get it resolve soo.
and currently we do not have any paid hosting.

03 Jan. 2014 : Rate : N/A : UHostFull
@George These kinds of errors are frequent in any free hosting environment, as service is free people use it for abuse purpose, due to other users abuses the servers, the server overloads but after suspending the abuses we always fix the issues. They are not forever, do not worry guys.hi
and this thing i will guarantee you that you will not get any reliable free hosts. if you want reliability then go for paid host, in free host , it is not only you but many other people from different country of world, and many abuses as well.

06 Sep. 2013 : Rate : N/A : UHostFull
All complainers, it is not the place for support, for free support we have ticket system on our control panel, request your support on, and as we are working on free host and we get more then 1000 tickets so wait for your turn, it may take time to reply the ticket. We resolve each and every hosting related support only.