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06 Sep. 2012 : Rate : 8 : UHostFull
OK, UHostFull are most likely a free reseller hosting from YouHosting. Now, YouHosting make a BIG deal of ďNO LIMITS.Ē
Unlimited clients and domains, unlimited disk space & bandwidth etc.

When it comes to Uhostfull then they also state ďUnlimited Space - Unlimited Bandwidth - cPanel LoginĒ, while the reality is 10GB disk space which in most cases should be more than enough. Unlimited Bandwidth? No. 100GB is what you get, but still more than enough for most websites. (Iím sure you would get suspended even if you used less than 10% of that).
cPanel Login? What is that? Well, the control panel is not a cPanel, thatís for sure.

What UHostFull should do is to fix their statement on their index page. Remove unlimited. Only fools believe such crap. There is no such thing as unlimited hosting. If you could get unlimited bandwidth and disk space for around $20.00 a month or less, why isn\'t Yahoo or Microsoft hosted there?

I do have a domain on UHostFull (On under Construction) because the problem is; UHostFull and any other free reseller hosting from YouHosting are not FREE UNLIMITED HOSTINGS. They are indeed very limited, and when it comes to inodes (the number of files you can store on your account), maybe around 10000, so I canít get my site up and running. Not the fault of UHostFull but the fault lay at YouHosting.

Just so itís also said, - Reseller Web Hosting is owned by Hosting Media LLC.
Hosting Media is a Hosting Company somewhere on the East Coast US.

Hosting Media also owns: - Free PHP Web Hosting - Premium PHP Web Hosting