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RocketSlice review and user rating.

(Inactive/ No longer updated/ Hidden from search result.)
Hosting Name RocketSlice(Removed)
Forced Advertising
Ad. Type
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
EMail Support
Online Web Editor
Your URL
Additional Requirement
Forum posting required.
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User Rating
Added Date
24 Jul. 2011
Last Update
08 Nov. 2011

User rates

RocketSlice 9.33 out of 10 based on 6 ratings. 10 user reviews.

RocketSlice user reviews = 10
Average user rating = 9.33 From 6 users.
There are 10 RocketSlice user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 10, By AngelsSs, IP 82.145.216.X, When 26 Dec., 2011 : Rated= 10
This is the best hosting provider. I have not seen
better. I myself have a reseller hosting this and I\'m
proud of it. I really like the server on which my hosting.
Server most reliable and fast. Do not miss your chance
to build a website or a hosting service on the best

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Comment# 9, By Curious Jack, IP 121.1.45.X, When 20 Dec., 2011 : Rated= 10
I'm a fan of Liam and the site in general. And I'm very excited to know that he is barely 16 solar-earth years old (relative to our current human-declared calendar which I strongly doubt from the standpoint of the solar system and the universe).

I suddenly remember my youth.

Let us suppose this assertion is really true about the site-owner's age, since I haven't really met Liam in person but this age range is exploding with creativity. It is the crux between our blossoming years and our entry into more mature roles in life. Most geniuses and famous humans make or break around these ages. So I'm all out support for his site wherever this trip may lead us. I do understand the beta stages of any given project so I'm willing to indulge.

Over-all I like the service despite the glitches now and then. But didn't we all start out that way in real life? I'd recommend the hosting service for humans who desire to test-drive the net at minimum cost (or no monetary hosting cost at all). ALL the "unlimited" features you could think about FOR FREE! And if that's not enough for your site's requirements, just contact the site owner and request for more freebies. The glitches/down-times may improve in due time. Anyway, Rocketslice offers a paid version for those who desire to upgrade things and take their sites seriously on a paid-version type of severity.

The staff/community is friendly. The responses are prompt, down to earth, casual, family-like with maximum tolerance.

Maybe Liam could try FREE cloud hosting or VPS...who knows what he'll think about next...but just hoping. please
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Comment# 8, By saiberfun, IP 178.200.39.X, When 15 Dec., 2011 : Rated= 6
Rocketslice usually got good servers and a fast service,
although the owner isn't even 15 years old yet I think or atleast he isn't 16 at all.

When I went with them, I got a reseller account and started working on giving out/reselling hosts,
as soon as I started there were huge downtimes and afterwards it was gone for some time.

So yeah,
Rocketslice IS reliable WHEN it is there,

but I guess, due to the age of the owner,
it often totally changes the plans and often just dissappears out of nothing and afterwards you have to regain your posts or stuff,
or it starts making a completely new,
invite only system....

I'd give RS both good and down because it sure got reliable server and has got a fast support because of the forum but it lacks the stability in the whole.

Sorry Liam for the kind of bad rating but,
thats something that really never made me comeback.
(although I still follow the site on it's steps and how it evolves)t sure got reliable server and has got a fast support because of the forum but it lacks the stability in the whole.

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Comment# 7, By Rejah, IP 111.92.48.X, When 14 Dec., 2011 : Rated= 10
goodBest Hosting provider..24/7 Technical Support,low down time. Unlimited Domains..
free reseller hosting is provided.
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Comment# 6, By admin, IP, When 08 Nov., 2011 : Rated= N/A
Should be updated now.
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