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100Gb review and user rating.

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15 Apr. 2011

User rates

100Gb 6.44 out of 10 based on 16 ratings. 16 user reviews.

100Gb user reviews = 16
Average user rating = 6.44 From 16 users.
There are 16 100Gb user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 17, By zeedee, IP 103.10.64.X, When 25 Aug., 2012 : Rated= 1
I actulally really liked this hosting. They have real cPanel. Some other free hostings claim to have it, but they lie, what they use is no more than admin cPanel-like and no more than that. This hosting offers great disk and bandwidth quotas, a lot of advanced features enabled and a lot of other great features list follows.

However, their servers are often down, there are alot of misconfiguration, lack of memory on the root servers. This cause 500 Internal Error occurs often, every 20-30 minutes. you\'ll find that message every time you open your site or go to your cPanel. The admin acts like he knows nothing about it... It\'s been a few weeks, and the problem has not yet been resolved.

The worst ever, what made me move my site to another hosting is: the forum moderator is very sarcastic. If you ask something you don\'t know or you haven\'t learned yet, or you really need to know and ask some basic things, he will reply with: \"Stupid, your are so stupid!\". He also acts so arrogant in replying every user\'s query.

I would actually gave a donation because this was the first hosting i\'d known giving a very good real cPanel hosting with big quota, but I cancelled the donation and closed my account because of the problems above. How will a site run and get traffic when every 30 minutes you face \"500 Internal Error\" in front of your face?

I absolutely don\'t recommend this free web hosting. Better find free web hosts that have simple cPanel and a few features but with great supports. When you are satisfied and need more features or quotas, you can upgrade to get the most of their services. Isn\'t that many free web hosts want? Some of them never realize that they will get loyal users who will willingly upgrade if they feel satisfied, they can monetize their sites without any problems, and will give donations with bigger amount of money (compared to the monthly upgrade charge). Some of free webhosts never realize that this is the best strategy and act as they are \"the hero\" for clients, become so arrogant. What a pity!!!


Plus, this is a different addition from me, never use Youhosting cobranded webhosts as you will get banned easily for some trivial problems. Youhosting servers now host tens millions sites and you can any longer rely on them.
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Comment# 16, By lee, IP 64.149.62.X, When 06 Jun., 2011 : Rated= 1
For a site giving out hosting this is bad. on signup you get 500 internal server error. makes me think they have a major scripting issue and that they need a programmer to work thier bugs out.angry
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Comment# 15, By aBaDy, IP 193.188.105.X, When 05 Jun., 2011 : Rated= 1
Internal Server Error angrydownwarning
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Comment# 14, By, IP 112.198.78.X, When 03 Jun., 2011 : Rated= 1
- 500 errors
- waited 1 week for a reply, yet cancelled
- says im porn, i violate content, they dont even registered on my site
- i dont know00 errors
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Comment# 13, By Kimec, IP 118.11.9.X, When 27 May., 2011 : Rated= 2
500 Internal Server Error anytime...
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