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FreeHostingNoAds review and user rating.

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Added Date
19 Dec. 2010
Last Update
31 Mar. 2011

User rates

FreeHostingNoAds 6.61 out of 10 based on 54 ratings. 62 user reviews.

FreeHostingNoAds user reviews = 62
Average user rating = 6.61 From 54 users.

Some voted user review(s)

Comment# 1, By Jerry , IP 75.32.189.X, When 19 Dec., 2010 : Rated= 9
This one works pretty well.

The sign-up script ran perfectly, and the account was created immediately with promptly delivered e-mails containing all the necessary information. Be forewarned that a new username is issued for your FTP access which will be different from the username you submitted when you created your account.

The FTP seemed a little sluggish during my initial test, and I was "dropped" a couple of times. There were 27 other people trying to use it at the same time, and I finally got all my files up, but I definitely got the feeling the server was struggling to keep up.

User pages are served decently, and contain no hidden JS off-site calls (i.e. "stats," "counters," or "urchins") that slow down page loading. No tracking cookies are left behind.

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Comment# 47, By BadMoonAtelier, IP 70.162.12.X, When 28 May., 2012 : Rated= 10
Top-notch host. As the name says, ZERO ads. Of course, there is another option for 5gigs of storage w/ ads, but at 2 gigs of storage and 10 for bandwidth, as a start-up site I am more than satisfied. I have zero complaints.

Perfect for new users, or even as a trial, complete with scripts you can auto-install like PHPBB, Drupal, and WordPress and custom e-mail. The sub-domain address itself is very modest, \\\"\\\".

If this quality of service, speed, and reliability continues then I see no reason to ever switch hosts and eventually upgrade as traffic increases. Everything about this host is very reasonable, and I\\\'m not sure why other users were having problems.

Most negative aspect? No CGI.
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There are 62 FreeHostingNoAds user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 64, By MD, IP 79.37.28.X, When 15 Jan., 2017 : Rated= 1
Unacceptable at all. I upgraded to a paid account in order to receive assistance in their help desk. I was abandoned again, no answer by hosting service, my website always down with no reason. Then I asked for refund + delete account + migrated to another hosting service. After 1 year, they send me an invoice + it is not possible to me to delete myself the account (still open!). I get no answer, of course, by their help desk. KEEP AWAY, not professional company.angry
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Comment# 63, By Robert, IP 67.173.224.X, When 04 Mar., 2016 : Rated= 1
THIS BUSINESS IS CLOSED! DO NOT USE THEM! For some reason you can still get on the sight. In September of 2015 my couple websites that they were hosing were taken down, and locked so I could not get into them. Thought it was because I had started multiple websites, which on their site said there was a $12 fee to do so. There was no bill on my account, but I sent them their $12 anyway. They took the money, but never opened my accounts. I tried contacting them for months with no response from them. In December 2015 contacted the Better Business Bureau and they tried multiply ways of contacting them with no response. The BBB, in late January of 2016, said that they went out of business.
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Comment# 62, By Michael, IP 213.233.104.X, When 16 Jan., 2016 : Rated= 10
I looked for a good free hosting service for so long, I can't believe I actually found one. I tried the Free membership, but after a month I finaly decided to try VIP. Worth every penny. good
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Comment# 61, By Aaron B, IP 76.4.153.X, When 31 Oct., 2013 : Rated= 1
Site has been down hours now. Was running great for the last month or so.stop
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Comment# 60, By Michaela, IP 81.107.192.X, When 14 Oct., 2013 : Rated= 2
Was ok at first, now get constant ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server when trying to log into email, suddenly NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT UNLESS YOU UPGRADE even though the company says it is available on the free account. I am now looking t move my accounts and pay for a host, but I will not upgrade with these on principle warningdownangrymonster
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