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0000Free review and user rating.

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02 May. 2010
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15 Mar. 2012

User rates

0000Free 8.8 out of 10 based on 127 ratings. 147 user reviews.

0000Free user reviews = 147
Average user rating = 8.8 From 127 users.

Some voted user review(s)

Comment# 122, By yzubkov , IP 98.68.170.X, When 01 Mar., 2011 : Rated= 8
I will share the good and the bad sides of this host:
+1 This service can actually host your existing domain
+1 Has CGI/PHP/MYSql
+1 Pretty standard Cpanel without any proprietary hosting solutions
+1 No banners and no message board postings required (you only need to register)
It has however some pretty severe downfalls, but these mught not matter for everyone:
-1 Sometimes the most basic html page can take 10 seconds to load, sometimes longer.
-1 Account can be deleted due to low page hits/ inactivity. You never know if you got enough hits.

Overall it is pretty good if you do not care about page loading speed.
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Comment# 142, By John, IP 63.152.36.X, When 24 Sep., 2011 : Rated= 8
I've been using this site for a month or so, there have been a few outages to FTP, but the website seems to be available. Other free hosting sites I've tried seem to be much more problematic and do not have as many features. The support is forum based, although that expected for a free hosting site. I notice complaints that it can take awhile to get things fixed, although I have not ran into issues, I have not opened a support incident. Server uptime is good, this is for the web server, not their mail or ftp, I would mark that average or poor. They probably do sell your information, although who doesn't? I'm not even sure they do, but wouldn't you expect them to? Sony, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc, all "share" your information with others. The site is free hosting, but how is that hosting paid for... I would recommend this site for the price, if I ever needed, I would look into upgrading to a paid account through this site.
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Comment# 133, By Zhiqi Huang, IP 88.186.19.X, When 02 Jul., 2011 : Rated= 1
This is what they replied me when I asked them why my site was closed with NO REASON (I am 100% sure that I DID NOT violate any terms of service).

If you see the message 'This account was canceled' on your account, it means it was terminated for violation of our Terms Of Service, located at:

Canceled accounts cannot be reactivated or restored, so be sure to follow our TOS before publishing your website. For security reasons we cannot provide you with the exact reason why your account was terminated.

If you have a dynamic site with them, good luck. Remember to backup your stuff everyday, cz you never know when your account will be killed.
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Comment# 131, By Alex, IP 14.202.32.X, When 01 Jun., 2011 : Rated= 1
I'm giving this a rating of 1 even though I haven't actually tried it. I haven't actually tried it because I wasn't even able to sign up for it. After filling out all the info they want and making an account on their stupid forum (which is required), suddenly they aren't accepting any more new accounts for that day. Apparently they have a limit of only 200 new accounts per day. They say that count resets at 7am CST but even waiting till then I still get that message. Not worth having to try signing up day after day to get the same stupid message. Especially when they could put that message up before forcing people to sign up on their forum and go through 5 pages of crap. Try it if you have a lot of free time on your hands. I personally don't have time to run around in circles. There's better free hosting out there.
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There are 147 0000Free user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 147, By a no, IP 201.0.60.X, When 05 Jan., 2013 : Rated= N/A
no ssl secure in site
please remake your table free ssl
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Comment# 146, By asgard, IP 82.48.147.X, When 14 Mar., 2012 : Rated= 1
Why is that, whenever I try to signup for free hosting, they keep telling me DAILY LIMIT (200) EXCEEDED? what
Ah, yes; they are a fake host recruiting goon...ehm, clients for the real host, iPage. down
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Comment# 145, By pradeep kumar, IP 80.239.242.X, When 23 Feb., 2012 : Rated= 10
i want to free space for web hosting.
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Comment# 144, By Andrej, IP 212.178.5.X, When 14 Jan., 2012 : Rated= 6
At start it was perfect free web hosting with sockets, it was necessary for updating content on my site.
Later on there were usual problems with too many FTP users simultaneously, and then approx. 1 month of regular mysql downtime.
It seems the situation was normalized but I moved to a cheap paid hosting as my site become profitable.
Good hosting for start, excellent for NO-MySQL CMS.
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Comment# 143, By jerry , IP 112.202.11.X, When 15 Dec., 2011 : Rated= 10
its getting more excited every day!hi
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