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NullBuster review and user rating.

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Hosting Name NullBuster(Removed)
Un-limit or Un-metered
Un-limit or Un-metered
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Bottom Banner
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
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User Rating
Added Date
07 May. 2008

User rates

NullBuster 5.5 out of 10 based on 8 ratings. 10 user reviews.

NullBuster user reviews = 10
Average user rating = 5.5 From 8 users.
There are 10 NullBuster user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 10, By andy, IP 87.82.98.X, When 04 Aug., 2008 : Rated= 1
All I got from this website "" was " This Account Has Been Suspended.
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."

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Comment# 9, By dean, IP 90.201.51.X, When 03 Aug., 2008 : Rated= 1
i was with them but they suspended my account :(
now u can't even get on their site shows a 'suspended page' much like what i had on my site.
avoid at all costs. not that you can sign up anyway
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Comment# 8, By, IP 67.159.44.X, When 04 Jul., 2008 : Rated= 10
i can not logon after the failure or even re-signup, my user is "cinullbu" and my email is

Does any one have a email for that works?

Can you fix my user (i know that you can not fix my data, that is ok)?

has any one had any kind of contact with

Thanks, a lot for any help at all
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Comment# 7, By Nullbuster, IP 172.134.121.X, When 27 Jun., 2008 : Rated= N/A
Hello All, has suffered a HUGE data failure. This was out of our hands and we are working on the issue. We would encourage all of our customers to stay tuned to the website. The site should be up within 24 hours. Just as a way to say sorry for the problems we will upgrade our customers to a free reseller package if they wish to do so. So Please have your backups ready to upload!
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Comment# 6, By, IP 84.171.91.X, When 27 Jun., 2008 : Rated= 4
Meanings are different for nullbuster. I was really happy in the beginning: Advertised free hosting, unlimited bandwith and unlimited webspace. I was wondering why they give no limitations on anything. Whatever, the first problem appeared: No name resolving to my page. hmm I waited a few days as they said to let the Information spread over the DNSs. And then something happend: Yeah, 404. Whooohoooou!!! All my GBs uploaded via ftp are gone. is still active, so i waited another Day just to see that even their homepage is offline. So I really hope that me and the other people who gave trust to nullbuster, can get their data back. I would not trust them anymore if they couldn't keep up their "unlimited" servers for just a month. But not only bad news for them. The cpanel is very userfriendly and creating webpages is quiet easy with templates. So if they can get their problems under control, they could be a choice. Greetz
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